Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Extra! Extra!

Several months ago I learned of a website called myMISSIONfulfilled that is maintained by the Women's Missionary Union (axillary to the Southern Baptist Convention) that is geared specifically toward encouraging young women in living missionally. Some of you may remember the WMU from Mission Friends, RAs or GAs, but now the WMU is seeking to reach a demographic that may not be at church on Wednesday nights. The site is full of Bible studies, stories of world missions, and sage wisdom about how to share the gospel wherever you are. A link to the site had been listed in the sidebar of my blog since this fall, but I want to formally recommend it to you now. You can visit it here.

I've felt really privelaged the past couple of months to do some freelance work for the publication. My first article--about missionary endeavors in Sudan--launched this week. You can read it here.

My editor has asked the writers to plug the site as much as possible--so please check it out this week as you have a chance, even if you're not a twenty-something girl :)


Josh Michael said...


That is awesome, great article and the topic is really neat. I am not a 20 something female, but I liked it. I am still thinking through it, but I would love to help others in such a practical way as well.


Chelsea said...

haha, thanks Josh! I'd say you're doing something pretty practical--you have missionaries living in your house for goodness sake!

Any word on your new blog?!

mowens said...

You are such a good writer! which is to say I am both heart-broken and hopeful for these Sudanese women.

Chelsea said...

You're sweet :)