Monday, April 6, 2009

Satan and Sin: Watch the Nightline Face-Off

I've been studying the origins of sin in my systematic theology course this semester, and along with it the Christian understanding of Satan and other fallen angels. So, this Nightline Face-Off is timely (thanks, Matt!). I love Mark Driscoll's loving, articulate responses.

Watch it here!


mowens said...

My pleasure. Just finished the final part myself. Driscoll was more gracious than I could have been; Deepak is frustratingly incoherent and Carlton Pearson judges right and wrong by his own flawed standards, not God's, who takes sin very seriously. Also, the red-haired woman who stood up and argued with Deepak annoyed me by making Christians look dumb. Driscoll and Annie, however, presented their side and themselves very well.

Chelsea said...

Agreed. I loved Annie...she wasn't the most studied, and she relied heavily on her own experience (as opposed to the Biblical text), but she was articulate and just...precious. Someone I'd like to be friends with!

Nathan Michael said...

Enjoyed the debate. The red-shirted man who questioned Deepak about his statement, "Belief is a covering for insecurity" was great. I think that the red-haired woman simply let emotion direct her a little too much. I loved how Mark Driscoll closed by simply reading Scripture.