Friday, May 15, 2009

Adoption Stories

Hey, friends!

My most recent article is up and ready to be read at You can read it here. I feel so blessed to get PAID to write about things that are close to my heart, and this article is a perfect example. When my editor wrote to offer me the assignment, she said, "please just tell me if you hate this but...I need someone to write about adoption..." I told her that I didn't hate it at all; in fact, I LOVED the topic! And when I asked her how she felt about my interviewing my friends (not exactly kosher in hard-hitting journalism) and she said "Go for it!" I felt especially blessed to be not only writing what I love, but interviewing people I love (and not having to conform to the standards of "good" journalism)!

I'm so excited for you to read the stories of my dear friends, the Tims and the Takamotos. I just know you will be so blessed by their hearts for their kids, their ministries, and adoption in general. Both families are such a beautiful picture of the gospel in my life, and I know you'll be inspired by them, too! (Read more posts about adoption and about a brilliant sermon Rob gave last summer at FHBC here.)

And here's another shameless plug for the site (you knew it was coming!): please let the young women in your life about myMISSIONfulfilled! There are lots of great Bible study and ministry resources, along with stories of missionaries on the field at home and abroad.

Thanks for reading!

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mowens said...

love it. glad you got to write about people who are important to you. the description of you at the end of the article made me laugh.