Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Eyes Have It: A Tribute to My Last Days in Optometry

I've loved working here at the Spectacle Shoppe. It's been a fun opportunity to learn a new industry and a whole new set of skills, and I have loved watching this practice grow the past year! In order to commemorate my last couple of days here, I thought I'd share a comedy routine recommended by a patient and also by my dear ol' dad. Check it out!

So there you have it. A peak into my life this past year :) Also, I thought I'd mention that Real Simple did a great feature last month (proudly displayed in our magazine collection here at the office--yes, I realize I'm a huge nerd) about eye health. You can read it here.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy
7 Ways to Protect Your Vision

I'm passing the torch to my sweet friend Robin--a Tri Delta sister from U of R! So come see her if you're in the market for a great pair of glasses! And schedule an appointment here if you need a new eye doctor!

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ZealousEcho said...

HAHA Chels! too funny :) I like Brian's stuff. I'm glad you get to try a new place, but I'm sad a little bit for you that you are leaving Nashville. BUT happy I get to see you this weekend ;)