Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Advent Recap

I flew back to Connecticut today, and I came home to a dead Christmas tree.

So, Christmas really is over. But as I put away my decorations and drug my dead tree outside, I listened to Christmas music.

I discovered this weekend that all this time, all through Advent, I've had an Andrew Peterson Christmas album, "Behold the Lamb of God," on my iTunes. Not only that, but I learned of Indelible Grace's Christmas album titled "Your King Has Come." I just couldn't end the season without giving both a good listen.

So before you pack up your decorations and drag your Christmas tree to the curb, check out these albums online, or maybe buy them for next year. You can listen to "Your King Has Come" for free on Matthew Smith's website. Matthew Perryman Jones' rendition of O, Holy Night is what I was looking for all month--what an incredible song! And there's a song on Andrew Peterson's album that you just have to hear. Check it out, via Lala, below:

Joy and peace to you in the New Year!


mowens said...

I like MP Jones' "O Holy Night" because it's low enough for me to attempt to sing along. I really like Matthew Smith's "O Come Emmanuel" because I'm a sucker for violins. My favorite song on A Peterson's album is "So Long, Moses". It goes through the history of the kingship of Israel, and ends beautifully with the prophecy of a different kind of King. Also, I have memorized Matthew's begats, which is fun (when you're a Bible dork like me). Holly and the Ivy is such a cool tune, and AP's version is money, a cross between Irish and bluegrass, so you know I love it.

Chelsea said...

haha, yes, I predicted as much :) I love it, too...and all of the above!