Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nassau 2011 Video

I couldn't be prouder of the 17 high school students who served on our Nassau team this summer! 

This team was so special to me because of the way they served the Lord, the Haitian and Bahamian communities, and each other.  They made Nassau 2011 the highlight of my summer and maybe even my year!

The song in the background is another team favorite--Gungor's "Beautiful Things."  The entire album is awesome!  Thanks to our friend Elenore, who took some gorgeous photos of our students with the kids at Carmichael Evangelical Church.

p.s. Pastor and Madam Joseph are coming to visit Walnut Hill this weekend!  (Past participants of the trip, holler at me if you want to hang out with them!)  More about their stay next week.

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