Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nassau 2012: Days Four and Five

Not much time to write this morning, so I'll leave it at this: our hearts were pricked as we left the church yesterday--we who have held these hungry Haitian kids, wiped their little noses, and dried their big tears. I'm really proud of the team for how hard they worked this week, finishing a good chunk of the roofing project and giving 110% of their energy for the kids each day.

When the Mission Discovery staff asked us last night what we are "taking home" from Nassau, all I could think was that I am taking home 17 high school students-- who I hope have been changed forever because of this experience, who I hope will now take responsibility for the things they have seen.

I think we all shed some tears yesterday, and it feels a little funny to be transitioning into a beach/debrief day pray for us that we'll continue to process, even as we head out this morning to unwind!


Haley Malin said...

It looks like you all are having an amazing amazing experience, and I miss everything in these pictures! Hope you have a fun beach day and a safe flight back. Love you all!

Kevin Kingston said...

I, of course, already love you. But, I love you even more for what you are doing for these Hatian kids and your high school students. Thanks for the blog. I am praying for you, the team, and all of your circumstances.